Dine in private as in a restaurant - 24 hours a day! 

Sometimes you want to stay at home but want to eat as well as in a restaurant. It can also happen that after a long trip or absence you come home late and tired from a car, train or plane trip and are hungry but have nothing to eat and drink with you or in your studio. There is nothing more pleasant and reassuring than to know that the BCC-GOURMET fridge in your lounge has exactly what you need to keep you healthy and delicious, just like at the local gourmet restaurant, even at midnight.



The best Gourmet Takeaway Restaurant in Switzerland is offered to you in the lounge of the BCC!


Top Chefs from Switzerland prepare balanced and succulent dishes for our residents. And all this at low prices: delicious, fresh and healthy meals from 1.50 to 12 CHF are available 24 hours a day in the lounge. There is something for everyone. The dishes are prepared with top-quality regional products. Every week the menu changes completely.

There's something for everyone. Vegan, Swiss meat, Low Carb, tasty Asian, sweets for the in-between or a last minute surprise to take home with friends to share a festive evening, the BCC-GOURMET fridge allows everyone to find something they like. There are also healthy drinks, birchers, snacks etc... Some successful products may come back once a month. Residents can even influence the weekly menus.

Meetings, receptions, coworking, afterworks, vernissage with Business-Lunch

You can also organize high quality meetings and receptions including a simple business lunch. You can order delicious, balanced BCC-Bentos, for the flavours and for the eyes a few days before your meeting, delivered and deposited directly in the BCC-GOURMET fridge for you.

To close your business meals a BCC-Pâtisserie and an organic coffee will leave a memorable memory to your partners and interlocutors of your meetings

This "Resto" is fully compliant with the requirements of Ordinance 2 COVID-19.