Smart Economy

In the today's world where everything is accelerated, places, lifestyles and ways of working are changing radically. The society is tranformed and influence habits and customs which lead people want to work and live in town.


The trend of the "Smart Economy" is confirmed where infrastructure and premises finally allow to save space. We don't own necessarly those places but we use it.  The Business center Carouge is responding to this new demand in offering  private place called Urban-Studios.


Indeed, those Studios of approximately 25 m², along with a common space of 52 m², composed with haut de gamme equipment.


For further information :

"Smart Economy"

14 elegant, comfortable, safe and furnished Urban-Studios around a common space

Common space


Comfort and safety


  • Wi-Fi

  • Optical fiber

  • LED TV Screen 4K 

  • Remote-controlled light

  • Plenty of RJ45 and HDMI plug

  • Blu-ray reader

  • Focal Sound bar 

  • Reinforced door

  • Transponder chip

  • High thermal and sound insulation 

  • Meeting room and lounge

  • Air-conditioned and filtered air 

  • Solar photovoltaic

  • Minergie A

  • Fridge / freezer / icemaker

  • Multi-use oven with steam

  • Induction power 

  • Coffee machine

  • Professional dishwasher

  • Refrigerated and sparkling drinking fountains 

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