Information from the World Health Organization (WHO) on the net of 7.7.2020

" SCIENCE - After the alarm sounded by more than 200 scientists around the world in early July 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that evidence is emerging.

This is a central issue for deconfinement. Evidence is beginning to emerge on possible airborne transmission of Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged, warning that "the epidemic is accelerating" around the world. The day before, a group of international scientists had sounded the alarm on this mode of contagion by droplets that could remain in suspension in the air, which would make closed places poorly ventilated and/or air-conditioned particularly dangerous ".

Schéma split

There's air-conditioning and air-conditioning !


Scientists are right to alarm the WHO and the world, because most probably 75%, if not more, of all air conditioning on this planet is, alas, closed-circuit.

How do they work? A room (or "window") air conditioner works on the same principle as a refrigerator. A refrigerant circulates in a closed circuit in the air conditioner. It absorbs heat (calories) from the room and expels it to the outside. The problem is, that these air conditioners suck in the warm ambient air (at the back of the unit), cool this sucked in air and reject it into the room via an often oscillating fan grill. These air conditioners therefore work well in a closed circuit.

There is no doubt that there is nothing worse from a hygiene point of view than circulating room air throughout the day in the rooms in which we live and work, air that has become stale and "dirty" as the hours of the day pass.

In just a few minutes, these air conditioners with their powerful fans are capable of transporting all the germs, germs and other viruses into every nook and cranny of the rooms they air-condition.

But why does everyone do it this way? Because it's the cheapest system there is. It's one of the few technical systems that has spread almost identically in every country in the world. You can find it in every hotel room, restaurant, office, home, on the planet.
As global warming is global, everyone will want to cover their own comfort needs with these famous room air conditioners that can be found in all the large commercial areas of the planet at low prices.
Today, there are already 1.6 billion room air conditioners installed worldwide.

The number of air conditioners is set to rise from 1.6 billion today to 5.6 billion in 30 years' time, i.e. 7 units sold every second for 30 years.

Climatisation façade

Fortunately, right from the design of the BCC, its ventilation and air conditioning have been conceived to be irreproachable from the point of view of comfort, hygiene and environment
The BCC is very well ventilated. The maximum air flow in our premises is such that it renews the air in the studios and lounge up to 3 times per hour. In other words, every 20 minutes the air volume of the premises is completely renewed by fresh air.
No circulating air (exhaust air from the rooms is returned to the supply air) is admitted to the BCC, which is used in many cases for reasons of cost savings.
In addition, the fresh air in the BCC is double filtered, first by a pre-filter and then by a fine filter.

  • The BCC is faultless from the point of view of comfort, hygiene and environment, because the air:

    • is pulsed, renewed, filtered and depollutinated permanently 24/24h,

    • is cleaner than the one vacuumed out,

    • is air-conditioned in summer, heated in winter.

  • The BCC is protected as much as possible against the spread of viruses and other pollutants.

  • No air molecule from one studio flows into another or into the lounge and vice versa.

  • The electricity for ventilation and air conditioning is of photovoltaic solar origin.

In the summer, the air in the BCC is air-conditioned so that residents have a good climate comfort during heat waves. This is gentle and responsible air conditioning since the summer ambient temperature in the BCC is between 24°C and 28°C and not at 18°C, which is much too cold, energy consuming and makes residents sick (when the outside temperature is between 30°C and 35°C).
The electricity required for this ventilation and air conditioning is mainly of solar photovoltaic origin produced on the roof of the building itself.
To give an idea of the BCC's excellent air quality, its ventilation system is identical to that of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) headquarters in Geneva, the magnificent blue building, the famous "Caprice des Dieux", where 650 people work. It is the same engineering consulting firm specializing in renewable energy that designed and built the WMO and the BCC
: ERTE Ingénieurs Conseils SA (www.erte.ch).